Beatrice lovely

actress model singer

Bio and Showreel

I was born in the Venice of the North, otherwise known as Stockholm, Sweden. My mum is Swedish and my dad is British so I always had a much more posh accent than my school friends. I also have a large group of relatives in the metro NYC area. With American influence I have a different accent now but I still turn on my British at will (read: to talk to my dad!). I have loved the work of Ingrid Bergman ever since I found a portrait of my grandmother where she looks like her. I hope to develop half of Ingrid’s talent, versatility and simplicity.

My own journey to the United States started 6 years ago when I spent my summers as a Professional Princess while also visiting my American relatives. I moved to Boston, MA full-time in early 2016 (for love!). I work as an actress and model and I run New England Princess Parties making magical memories for children.

Directors see me as easy and dependable to work with and a truthful storyteller. Children taught me to be believable and Shakespeare taught me immerse myself in the story without being afraid or self-conscious. I chose film and TV as my primary medium for much the same reason as Michael Caine; I love the realism and the subtlety. Meisner has helped me a great deal, as has the teaching of Brandon Mendez Homer, founder of the HomeBase Theatre Collective, inspired by masters at Juilliard.

I studied engineering for Media for three years at Sweden’s answer to MIT (The Royal Institute of Technology). I spent all my free time acting, modeling, singing, producing recording sessions and developing TV shows.

In Sweden I rode bicycles and horses everywhere. I now stay fit by other means: walking, running, spinning, barre and pilates. It puts me in a great mood and I am fitter and happier than ever (also thanks to “working” with what I love).

I love songs with great story and emotion like Cat Stevens and musical theatre pieces. My voice also lends itself well to pop music. I am a very versatile commercial fashion and art model with great spark.

I look forward to auditioning for you and showing what I can bring to your next project, thank you!

45 second reel: